Derawan or Virgin

Derawan Dive Spot

The island has an area of approximately 1 km2, with wide sandy beaches ranging from 13.5 meters to 20 meters, has a nautical tourism which is very charming and is part of the archipelago Derawan.

The livelihoods of the people are as fishermen, to catch pelagic fish and reef fish, they also collect turtle eggs and cultivate farms. What we could do on this island? ….and anything that could we discover in it?

Diving activity and it’s a sea park with a depth of about 1.5meters , and the waters is home of the giant turtle, beside of that, a variety of marine life such as squid (cuttlefish), lobster, ghostpipe fish, octopus (octopus bluering), nudibranchs, sea horses (seahorses), ribbon eels, scorpionfishes. And the main attraction is ”Blue Trigger Wall”, the tooth trigger fish, that live on the rocks along the 18 meters, in a depth about 10 meters, could be found here.

It’s a pity to pass up….!